Xerox Business Services supporting Universal Studios in Orlando

Universal Studios is one of the world’s truly great theme parks, they offer incredible days of fun and excitement for all the family. With amazing rides, fun shows, great places to eat and just a general good time for all those who visit this gigantic complex of family activities.

But all of this massive entertainment machinery needs an incredible amount of in-depth and minutely detailed day-to-day running. The problem for Universal is managing all of the backroom organisational staff without interference from the monsters that lurk in the bowels of the studios waiting to disrupt any aspect of the smooth running of the park.

To address these administration monsters the people at Universal called in the experts from Xerox. No longer do Xerox only fix photocopiers, the business has moved very much into all aspects of IT, and can assist even a massive operation such as those found at Universal Studios, to streamline their operating systems so that they become highly effective, and vanquish the backstage monsters that can disrupt the wonderful enjoyment offered to visitors from around the world.

Xerox assisted Universal via a thorough and extremely in-depth assessment of work processes and print costs. They then introduced a new Managed Print Services solution that aligns to Universal’s print budget targets, security policies and even its environmental sustainability objectives, to produce an extremely streamlined and cost-effective office environment.

They also collaborated with the studios to produce an ambitious cross-media one-to-one marketing campaign for its popular Halloween Horror Night, the biggest night of the year at one of the world’s biggest theme parks.

Xerox technology is also found working away behind the scenes at the “Amazing Pictures” attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando where solid ink colour printers produce memorable photo keepsakes for the hundreds of thousands of annual Universal guests.

Check out more in this short film.

Xerox is proud to be an Official Partner of Universal Studios. Xerox provides a range of products and specialist services to Universal Studios allowing them to focus on what they do best. Xerox – Ready For Real Business. Visit them at