World Cup Copyright warning

Businesses that are aiming to increase their profits from the World Cup should be careful to follow all copyright laws according to warnings by business groups and legal experts.  The warning was issued due to the fact that the long list of activities that are worrisome is long.

In fact, common phrases such as ‘Fifa World Cup’ and ‘South Africa 2010’ are protected by intellectual property laws as well as images of the World Cup trophy itself.

Already Fifa has had thousands of reports of rule breaches causing the UK FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) to warn UK firms to be wary before producing or using any of the copyrighted phrases.

Businesses are quick to use the World Cup as a way to increase sales, especially those that are in the hospitality trades such as café, pubs, and bars.  The stance of Fifa however looks at the amount of businesses that have grown from sporting events creating a legal minefield for any company that is not an official sponsor.

Intellectual property expert Clive Halperin from the GSC law firm stated that using the three lions logo, the World Cup trophy, or even the simple word Fifa could cause a business to find themselves in a large amount of trouble.

Halperin continued to say that sponsors pay a large amount of cake in order to use these phrases that are linked to the World Cup and that if they did not believe that Fifa would protect their investment they would not be willing to pay the same amount.