What Documents Should I Shred?

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We are constantly being reminded of the dangers which we face from identity theft and fraud. These warnings often encourage us to use shredders to destroy our personal documentation and correspondence. But with so much paperwork at hand, how do we know what we should shred?

For many people, shredding can be rather monotonous and laborious. With such a high volume of paperwork being delivered to our homes and businesses everyday it can be difficult to determine what needs to be shredded and what does not, often leading to mistakes. These mistakes can cause breaches in data security, something which is detrimental to both homes and businesses.

When contemplating shredding documents or correspondence the first thing you should ask yourself is “do I need this document”? The main problem which people find when using shredders is that they accidentally destroy the wrong document – such as this year’s insurance policy rather than the one from last year. To prevent these simple mistakes it is important that individuals go through all of their documentation with a fine-tooth comb before committing it to the paper shredder.

For those unsure of exactly what it is they should be shredding, any correspondence or documentation that contains your name, address or other personal details should be shredded if no longer needed. If these details fall into the wrong hands they can be used to commit crimes such as identity theft and could even see you left out of pocket. It is therefore important that you shred any documents which could lead to these crimes, even junk mail.

This means that a high proportion of the paper correspondence you receive will end up in the shredder. For many people this is a tedious and laborious process and is therefore often neglected or delayed. The dangers of this are clear and should be avoided at all costs. The current ranges of shredder which are available are designed to make the process much easier to handle and will therefore offer minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Shredders are available for both homes and businesses, featuring different load capacities. Those who have a large volume of documents to shred could benefit from a large office shredder, which can take load capacities of as much as 650 sheets of paper. This will help to save time during the shredding process, causing less disruption to your daily lives. Modern shredders also have features, such as anti-jam technology, which are designed to reduce the number of problems encountered during the process.

Another common problem encountered by those who use shredders is what to do with the paper afterwards. Shredded paper can be put to a number of good uses, such as pet bedding and gift packaging and can even be used during celebrations. This is because a confetti cut shredder can turn your scrap paper and documentation into small confetti pieces instead of long strips of ribbon. This can then be used during parties and celebrations, helping you to protect your documents and save money.