Website Hosting options

If you’re planning to start a website, then you will need to purchase web hosting from a company before you are able to make your site available online. Website hosting is, understandably, a huge business on the Internet and there are many companies battling for customers. This large amount of competition means that web hosts are having to offer great services at low prices.

The most popular web hosts will have hundreds of thousands of websites running on their servers. The vast majority of their customers will be taking advantage of something called ‘shared hosting,’ which is where many websites share the same space on the company’s web servers. Some people might wonder whether this will slow down peoples access to their website, however, these servers are usually incredibly powerful and will mean your website loads quickly and without delay.

Furthermore, to ensure that your website remains up and running, most major web hosting providers will constantly monitor their different servers to make sure that they are all responding quickly. If one website is getting an unusually large amount of traffic, then they will be able to adjust the organisation of the websites on the servers, to make sure that the other websites on the same server do not get slowed down.

One of the most popular ways to get started with a website is by installing WordPress. WordPress is blogging software that has become very popular with both individuals and businesses. It is easy to use, but also comes with a large number of advanced features to satisfy those with more complicated needs.

If you want to install WordPress with your web hosting, you are going to need to make sure that they support WordPress installations. If you are technically minded, then you can check to see whether they meet the MySQL database requirements and utilise PHP. Alternatively, if you are a bit of a beginner to web hosting, then you can look around the web hosts website to see if they are WordPress compatible.

Even if they are compatible with WordPress, you should look around to see whether they have an easy installation option. WordPress hosting from, for example, comes with a ‘1 Click Installation’ feature which means that WordPress can be installed within moments, by someone of any computing ability. Many website hosts are now WordPress compatible, so you will have a good range of companies to choose from.

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