Virgin Media grabs back cable customers

According to the latest figures, 6300 cable customers have returned to Virgin Media during the three month period that ended on September 30th. This will partly go towards making up the losses they suffered over the summer when 36,000 students disconnected their services for the holidays.

The financial results that were released on Thursday show that revenue increased by 2.2% last year and rose to a year on year of £1bn, making a rise of 3.3% in the first 9 months of this year. The number of cable customers increased overall in the second quarter to 4.79m. The number of customers with telephones however fell to 4.3m, down by 13,300 as the mobile phone continues to replace the landline.

Virgin have said that their customer churn, the ratio of customers who have left the company, has increased to 1.7%, but those who left the network had average bills of £38.30 a month, which is 20% less that the majority of their customers.

Virgin’s strategy of selling more products to their existing customers has led to a steady growth in the average revenue per customer or ARPU and its up by 3.2% so far in 2011, to a record high of £47.86 a month, in comparison with around £44.58 which their biggest rival BskyB are taking.

More customers are opting to part with their extra cash to get high speed broadband and the orders are also flying in for TiVo, their new digital video recorder which actor Marc Warren, best known from Hustle, is currently promoting in a huge advertising campaign.

Neil Berkett, the CE of Virgin Media has said that the results clearly show that they are successfully satisfying the market that demands top quality services, and it is clear that people are happy to pay more for the best in digital technology.