Veterinary Thermal Imaging Franchise Opportunity

The country-wide roll-out of the UK’s first all species Veterinary Thermal Imaging service, one that quickly pinpoints where an animal is in pain, limiting distress and offering lower costs to owners, is offering franchisee opportunities across the country.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging (VTI) provides a visual management tool for diagnosing, monitoring and treating injury, illness and disease. VTI works under a code of conduct prescribed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is a valuable extension to diagnostic tools such as X-rays, MRI scans and Ultrasound.

The service is available to vets, other animal professionals and the owners of horses, dogs, cats, livestock, zoo and marine species.  The procedure works by using a specially designed camera that detects heat emitted from the animal, turning it into electrical pulses. These pulses are assigned a colour, depending on the temperature readings, the various colours will flag up problem areas and pain.

Helen Morrell, founder of VTI and a Veterinary Physiotherapist, said, “We are very excited about this opportunity as we offer a career that is completely flexible, as you book appointments to fit your family’s schedule, such as during school hours, or at evenings or weekends”.

She added, “We offer full training, certification, business support and national promotional and marketing campaigns for all our franchisees. We’re the only provider of veterinary thermal imaging training across all animal species in the UK”. has more details of the franchise opportunities that are currently available for anyone interested in becoming a Veterinary Thermographer. More information on Veterinary Thermal Imaging can be found on the company website