Use the Blue Book for car values

One of the first things that most people think about when they start to look around for a new car is how much they can get for their old car.  The most logical place that most people turn is to the Blue Book since the Kelley Blue Book is the most noted source retail car value.  However, the price that you see in the blue book is most likely not going to the be the price that you are offered, and at times may not even be a fair price depending on the accessories in your car, the work you have done on it, and of course the overall condition of the mechanics of the car.

For this reason, you may be wondering how you can get an accurate valuation of what your car is really worth so that you know what you should be aiming to receive when selling it.  Of course, you are most likely not going to get a fair valuation at a used car lot since the dealer is looking out for his best interest before yours.  Thus, you may have to turn to alternative sources to find out what you should receive for your car.

One great place to turn is the internet since there are now many websites that allow you to instantly receive a quote online.  Some websites even allow you to get an instant Junk Car Valuation so that you can see what a truly old car may be worth.  This way you have a fair idea of what to ask from a buyer or what to ask from a junkyard if you are thinking about junking a car that is simply not worth putting any money into for repairs.

It is important to keep in mind that junkyards buy old cars for the parts, because the real money is inside of the parts so even if you think a car is junk there still may be more value inside of it than what the junkyards are offering.  Therefore, it is important to jump online and check the value of any car for a fair valuation whether you are thinking about selling an old car to a private buyer, trading in a car for a new vehicle at the dealer, or simply taking an old to a scrap yard because you want to make sure you get the highest amount possible.

Article from the Kelly Blue Book