Unlock Your Business Potential in Lincoln with Two Free Workshops

Two major events are going to be taking place in November this year in Lincoln, which are targeted at people who want to get information about how to take their business to its full potential. There are a series of talks which are taking place over breakfast, and they target businesses in a wide range of different fields.

The first event is taking place on 6th November at the Lincoln Drill Hall and this talk is specifically going to speak about generating creative ideas, accessing funding, and giving information about help with developing staff. The second event is going to be about the benefits that broadband can bring to a business and it is going to be hosted by the major Internet guru, John Popham.

Both events are part-financed by the European Regeneration and Development Fund (ERDF). They are run through the Digital Business Cluster, which the County Council has helped to create to support businesses in East Lindsey, Boston and Lincoln to understand the benefits that the Internet and digital technology can provide and to help them get ready for superfast broadband when it arrives as part of Lincolnshire County Council’s onlincolnshire campaign.

Stuart McFarlane from CDI Alliance, which is providing the business support sessions on behalf of onlincolnshire, explained: “The Tuesday Breakfast Talk sessions are all about building knowledge, particularly in the creative and digital sector. Technology is always changing so there is a need to constantly keep up to date with what’s new.

“The Broadband Business Benefits are aimed at giving you an overview of the Internet and its potential, while equipping you with the tools to make use of it once the sessions end.

“It might be that you are aware of new technologies, but don’t necessarily know where or how to access them. We’ve taken a look at a number of common business issues and we’ve pulled together some of the hot topics people need to know about.”

The first Tuesday Breakfast Talk workshop will feature a talk from Frank Boyd, Director of the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (NTN), which works to support businesses in the creative sector. There will also be a talk from the directors of What Could Be aimed at digital agencies, creative thinkers and digital businesses, to look at how they might work with clients to add value to their services.

The Broadband Business Benefits workshop is divided into two three-hour sessions on separate dates to ensure minimal disruption to the working day. The first session will offer details on benefits including e-commerce, flexible working, online conferencing such as Skype, Facetime and Google Talk, booking travel online and keeping in touch with staff and clients.

The second session will look in depth at different options available for doing business online including cloud computing, banking and accounting, research, mobile apps and the different equipment and technology available.

To book a place on the first Tuesday Breakfast Talk at Lincoln Drill Hall between 8.30am and 10.30am on Tuesday 6th November visit the news and events section on www.onlincolnshire.org

The first Broadband Business Benefits event on 8th November takes place between 9am and 12 noon. The second session is at the same venue and time on Tuesday 27th November. Both can be booked through www.onlincolnshire.org. If you are unable to make the Lincoln sessions, there are additional events planned in Boston, Louth and Skegness.