Unilever workers expected to strike

Unilever workers in Norwich are expected to strike soon in protest of the changes to their pension scheme by the company. The union representing the Unilever workers is Unite, which has stated that strikes will be beginning on 18 January and will continue for 10 days. The strikes are expected to affect production of leading cleaning and food products by Unilever.

The company previously assured workers that their pension scheme would be retained but they have now gone back on their word and workers are set to protest in order for them to maintain their pensions. It is estimated that because of the changes to the pension scheme workers are going to lose between 20 and 40 percent of their savings for retirement.

Trade unions have been putting forward alternatives to Unilever in order to maintain the retirement scheme. These methods are shown to reduce the risk for Unilever and save the company money, but Unilever have stated that there is nothing the workers can do to persuade them to keep the current scheme running. Unite has recently stated that Unilever are now refusing to negotiate about the issue.

Jennie Formby, is the national officer for Unite and she has commented, “We want to reach a sensible solution with Unilever and we have asked them to come to the negotiating table. It is unfortunate that they have refused to do this and it shows that they are not interested in reaching a solution that is suitable for both the workers and the company.

This has left the workforce with no other choice but to withdraw themselves from work.

The first strike in the UK history of Unilever occurred last December and Unilever did not deal with the situation appropriately. Instead of coming to discuss the issue they spitefully cancelled the Christmas parties for its workforce.”