UK IT systems lack flexibility and hurt business says K3

So how flexible is your business IT?

Research by K3 Managed Services has shown that businesses are lacking flexibility in their IT and as the country comes out of recession, short spurts of rapid growth can cause these IT systems to struggle and jeopardise business. The company is highlighting ways that businesses can become more flexible within their free Business for IT guide which urges businesses to combine their business and IT strategies for future success.

Previous research by Forrester that shows more than two thirds of IT directors wait for business leaders to finalise their company strategy before formulating their own IT plan. This limits the opportunities to move quickly and gain competitive advantage. Business and IT strategies need to develop together to ensure an organisation is making the most of its IT, which in turn can both support and streamline business operations.

K3 highlights the recent investment of £67 million in developing a flexible IT strategy by the NHS.  The new NHS IT strategy is designed to support periods of growth and contracture, with parts of the overall budget spent on flexibility, performance and end user experience. As one of the leading UK suppliers of Microsoft-based business solutions for the supply chain, K3 is asking businesses are they taking IT flexibility as seriously as the NHS?

K3’s free monthly Business for IT guide, which covers the issue of IT flexibility and how it should be treated as a vital component of any forward looking business strategy will advise businesses on flexible IT. K3’s findings show that it is fundamental that both the business and IT strategies are aligned, and unless you have an IT system that is flexible, a sudden change in strategy can render it out of date.

K3’s guide says time, disruption and capital cost has deterred directors from installing flexible new systems. With more than half a typical organisation’s IT budget being consumed by IT infrastructure there is a constant struggle between providing a robust, scalable IT system while reducing costs.

Jason Price, Head of Sales at K3 Managed Services said: “It is important to know that whatever happens in the market and your business, your IT can adapt quickly and easily. Your IT system should not only be flexible enough to stay in sync with your business priorities as they alter, but should also act as a proactive change agent, allowing you to exploit opportunities and identify threats.”