Three security remedies for your business which you may not have heard of

The security of a business – not only relating to its building but also to the computer networks which make everyday tasks possible – is a primary concern for companies across the board. No office network can be accessible without a password and no information can be accessed from external devices but there is still a lot about security that most businesses do not know.

With the threat of cyber attacks increasing on a daily basis, it is now more important than ever for businesses to protect themselves against potentially devastating circumstances by working with groups like NCC. Here, we take a brief look at three security schemes which can make your business more secure moving forward.

Software escrow agreements

Most business relies in some way upon the software which they use. When developers make the decision to discontinue a piece of software, it can have a devastating effect on businesses. What you may not be aware of is that you can actually gain the rights as a business to keep the software which you use in development.

Employing a third party to take care of your escrow services can see the source code for the vital software kept safely to be used in the event that the software goes under. Your business will then have the right to have the code put back into use, thus avoiding the problem of your software becoming obsolete.

Penetration testing

It can be difficult for businesses themselves to know when enough is enough when it comes to security. The best way to make this decision is to approach your networks from the perspective of somebody trying to launch an attack.

Penetration testing involves a third party like NCC Group running a series of simulated attacks on your network. The result will reveal any flaws or vulnerabilities within the security of your system. Your business can them stop throwing money at problems which don’t exist and focus on those which do.

Monitoring systems

If you don’t quite feel as though your network can stand up to the developing threats which are posed to it each day, it is possible to invest in monitoring systems which are specifically designed to identify attacks through unusual activity. These applications can help to protect against both internal and external breaches of security.