There's a lot more to Shell than just motor oil

You think oil you think Shell as both the name and its instantly recognisable logo have dominated the oil market for decades. There is a lot more to the company than just petrol stations however, and many do not realise they are one of the companies who are leading us forward is terms of using the latest IT technology to create the next generation of motoring.

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We all know IT is already a driving force of most new developments in all areas of our lives, but you never really sit and consider how companies such as Shell make the use of this technology. They are using it to find where the energy of the future lies and how it will be produced.  Shell says that IT is the driving force behind the future, and they are using this to go all out to give as much back to the planet as is humanly possible.

A brilliant video is available to view online which highlights their current explorations, and through innovative technologies they are able to reach deeper targets than ever before and explore geologies more complex than they have never previously explored. In the Gulf of Mexico they have applied a Wide Azimuth Seismic, which is turn has yielded several millions of barrels worth of valuable resources.

If you are one of the few who think Shell just put their name to motor oil then this video will be a real eye opener. They prove without a doubt they are one of the most forward thinking companies in the world today, and that they will not rest until the energy of the future is guaranteed. When you have watched this video in its entirety, you will never again feel the same when you pull onto a Shell forecourt to fill up your car.