The Pitfalls Computer Users Fall Into

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Most homes across the country are likely to have a computer, as access to the internet is now viewed as an essential to life rather than simply a luxury.

With so many people online and using the internet to communicate with others, to find out information, to make purchases and make business, it is imperative more users understand how to surf online responsibly.

Personal details are at risk if you store passwords or bank details on your computer and a virus gets in to your machine, while social media sites pose a risk by allowing people to advertise their current location so burglars can make a calculated hit.

Take a look at these common pitfalls many people still fail to observe when online and using their computer.


Computers fail occasionally, people know this, however many still fail to back up their computers to protect the information they have stored on them.

Documents and images are sometimes irreplaceable, so should your computer or laptop get stolen or damaged you could risk losing these precious documents for good.

It is the same when you are writing an important document for work, and you fail to save it, once it is gone, it is gone for good.  Computers and laptops are not infallible so make sure you save things to a CD, DVD or USB, or to an external hard drive so if your computer should fail you do not lose everything on it.

Antivirus Software

Without virus protection your computer could easily allow a virus to spread and steal sensitive documents stored on it.

Even if you use only safe software that you recognise, viruses are swarming the internet and can often trick even the cleverest of internet users.  So it is best to play it safe and invest in antivirus.

Opening Rogue Emails

If you do not recognise the sender of an email, not matter how safe the email looks, do not open it.  This is an easy way viruses spread in computers, and those who create them make them look as enticing as possible, offering prizes or job information – if you haven’t entered a competition then you will not have won something randomly, would you?

Make sure you delete the email straight away and block the sender from trying to contact you again.  Again, if you open it by mistake then it is advised you complete a full computer scan afterwards to detect and delete any viruses.