The new FlexDirect account at Nationwide

Nationwide is offering a new program to help reward their customers called the Flex account. As part of one of the new Flexclusives promotion, Nationwide is already known for offering some very exclusive deals and rates to prove that they are always on your side.

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The new FlexDirect account is a 5% interest account that does not have any overdraft fees for the first year. The account is ideal for anyone that wants a high interest account that actually pays back a good rate of interest on their money.

In addition, it is a great account for those who are flexible enough to do their banking exclusively over the phone or online. It also makes having an overdraft simple as the first year you get a free pass on charges and thereafter all overdraft charges are self-explanatory.

In order to make sure that you are truly getting the most out of the FlexDirect account, customers should make sure that they are paying in at least £1,000 every month. Of course, the more you save the more you end up earning every month! If there was ever an incentive to save some money the Nationwide FlexDirect would be it.

As mentioned, as a FlexDirect account holder you also become eligible for a host of Flexclusives and other special product offers after just three months. The account also comes with a Visa debit card to make account management simple and a cheque book if requested.

With a mobile banking app and the ability to bank online, controlling a FlexDirect account is very simple. Automated Telephone banking also provides one more step of instant control for those who need to verify something in person. If an emergency occurs, customers can always come on down to a Nationwide branch where all your concerns will be taken care of by a qualified Nationwide agent.