The lengths people go to in order to save money

We are all very much aware of how the current economic climate is causing us all to tighten our belts and look at ways of saving money that we would never have previously considered.  There is saving money, however, and then being downright mean to the extent that the entire family feels the effects of your scrooge like ways.

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The Nationwide Building Society wants to encourage families to save sensibly, and have produced a fun and interactive video to highlight the extremes that some people are going to.  We meet the Jones’, a typical family with one difference, Mr Jones has gone savings mad and is trying to drag his family along with him as he becomes somewhat of a skinflint.

We see him washing his wife’s hair at the kitchen sink and colouring it with cut price hair dye, carrying tray upon tray of cheap budget dog food into the house and trying to tempt the family pooch with it and trying to take his son to football practice on the bus with all the balls after the car runs out of petrol.

The interactive part comes from the fact that you can click on each family member to see the backstory behind the money saving antics mentioned above. The video teases you by telling you not to click on them, which of course you are going to, and some are nasty, such as dad getting in the bath in the same water that the dog has just been washed in.

The moral of this tale is clear; there are two ways of saving; the sensible way and the way of Mr Jones which causes ructions throughout the household. A savings account with Nationwide will not only reap long term rewards but also avoid such disharmony as in the Jones household.