The big boys pressure employees more than SMEs

A new survey from Lane4, the leading performance and development consultancy, had revealed that those employed in large organisations feel under a lot more pressure at work than those who work in SME’s. The survey was carried out across a wide range of industries and revealed that those who worked in organisations with between 1000-9999 employees felt the most pressure, especially those who were supervisors or in middle management.

Those who work in smaller companies overall felt a lot more in control than those in the large organisations, but one in three of all the respondents to the survey admitted that they no longer felt secure in their jobs. Those who have been with the same company for between 15-20 years felt the most pressure overall, but this dropped off dramatically amongst those who had  completed 20+ years service.

Austin Swain is the director of Lane4 and he said that the days are gone of people being able to hide in large organisations and splitting the work amongst a few that they should be doing themselves. He added that their research showed that the feeling of control that now seemed to be lacking in some of the larger companies also appeared to have a  positive effect when it came to the perception of pressure.

“Almost half of all the respondents to our survey (44%) said that change is badly managed in their workplace and that contributed to feelings of stress. In a large organisations change can be especially hard to manage, but it is important that employees do not feel overlooked or uncertain about their role in the organisation.”

Other key findings from the survey include:

Workers aged 41-50 are most pressured in work and life generally
Men are significantly more confident than women about their ability to perform well at work
Board Directors experience the most pressure at work
CEOs report the least anxiety at work
58% of people find themselves worrying about work in their free time
74% of people experience some form of stress ‘transfer’ between home and work
Of those who have access to 24 hour technology 51% say is makes life LESS stressful and 49% say it makes life MORE stressful

“There is a difference between pressure and stress.” Austin Swain added. “Pressure can be positive and a motivating factor, and is often essential in a job. It can help us achieve our goals and perform better. Stress occurs when this pressure becomes excessive and knowing the triggers within your workforce such as organisational change or internal communication can help you plan and prepare for the overall benefit of your colleagues.”