Tesco to challenge Topshop and Primark

Tesco may be opening a ‘cheap chic’ fashion supermarket in order to challenge both Topshop and Primark.  The giant supermarket has been tempted to do so after the success of Primark which reported a surge of 7% in sales over the past fourth months when compared to sales last year.

It is thought that Tesco will open a flagship store of 6,000 square feet using the name of its Florence & Fred line which is now called the F&F clothing label.  Details of the new opening were slipped by Terry Green the former head of clothing of Tesco who is now a chain consultant.

He stated that Tesco is looking at a West End store as a flagship for F&F that will show case the brand and help to complement their offers in the supermarket and online.

For the moment Green may have spoken too soon as the company will not confirm that the plans are real.  The supermarket chain has made a great success out of expanding past grocery goods its offerings to include furniture, banking, entertainment, and electrical goods.

Fashion and clothing are becoming a much large part of superstores and industry experts predict that specialist outlets will hold a large amount of value.

Tesco first launched their new ‘couture’ clothing range in March in what was perceived as a move towards the up market and away from its tradition of cheap and fast fashions.  Each of the new 16 items will retail from £40 up to £140.