Tesco see mobile shopping as the way forward

Tesco supermarket, just a few years ago was immensely successful but in recent months they have been having some financial difficulties. The supermarket have recently decided to encourage everyone to shop more by introducing shopping opportunities on mobile devices.

For the first time, customers of the supermarkets are going to be able to buy nonfood items from their smart phones. This is going to allow them to get televisions another similar items delivered directly to their homes from the Tesco Direct website.

Until recently the supermarket did not see its profits fall for over a decade and as Britain’s biggest retailer it has been very keen to shake up what is happening in order to move back into growth of profit. The chain was once so significant that many people argued that it has a monopoly on the market.

The supermarket said that as part of the shakeup they are going to be encouraging people to shop for their groceries, and other items online. The company have said that they are dedicating £150 million exclusively to improving the supermarkets online presence. The store have also said they are going to be launching a marketplace on their website, which is going to allow people to sell items in a similar way that Amazon does in its Marketplace offering.

The company are also going to develop the number of stores where customers can buy online, and then collect. They suggest that within the near future the stores are going to cover over 80 percent of the country. Philip Clarke, the Chief Executive of the supermarket has made the announcement about the shakeup after profit fell for the first time to £2.5 billion this February. Some of these figures have been bolstered by a very strong growth rate in Asia.