TEDxAmsterdam reminds us to be human

With devices that are capable of driving cars for us in the works, smartphones that can research any topic in the world, banks who decide to our economical fates, governments to tell us right and wrong, and computers that allow us to take shortcuts to just about anything it is easy to forget that humans have the power to think for themselves as well.

However, behind each of the large technological advances and political diatribes is a human brain that actually brought the thought to the attention of others which is why TEDxAmsterdam is reminding people this year what it means to be human.

It is easy to forget that we have brains that are capable of being creative and producing their own thoughts as ideas are nicely packaged and produced for us to buy, but there is a lot to be said for the human experience if you allow yourself to actually experience it.  Taking place on November 25th this year TEDxAmsterdam hopes to remind people that there are some aspects to being human that cannot be replicated or experienced without actually taking the time to share and exchange ideas that come straight from the brain.

In an effort to demonstrate this to a larger degree TEDxAmsterdam has teamed up with WE ARE PI and some of the top creative minds in the nation to help create a documentary that expresses the thought that there are plenty of ideas worth doing and plenty of ideas worth spreading that can only be created by humans.  One of the largest of the resulting projects has been a ‘living brain’ that is composed entirely of people and can be glimpsed during rehearsal stages via an online video that is worth sharing with friends because the results of the effort are stunning.