Spiceworks reports that SME's prefer traditional computing

Network management software firm, Spiceworks, has reported that traditional client computing is still tops for small to medium businesses. Their research has found that the SMB budgets for IT went up by 15 % in the first six months of 2012, and desktops, laptops and tablets were still the most popular with SME’s Firms spent, on average, £94000 on IT.

The survey, quizzing 1500 companies worldwide also revealed that 30% of SME’s are still actively recruiting IT professionals and 56% are maintaining the status quo with their IT staff. It did report, however, that over 60% of companies will invest in tablets in the next few months and that IT staff are unsure on the best way to manage the BYOD trend.

One fifth of the SME’s surveyed are totally behind BYOD but over a third think that this works alright for some devices but is not as good for others. And a quarter of SME’s think that technology owned by an employee is not worth the hassle for their company. At the moment about 75% of firms help in managing employee-owned devices. i-phones are the most popular platform for this.

Hardware will take most of the IT budget for the SME’s with around 40% being spent on, firstly, desktop computers, then, second on the list is laptops. About 34% of the IT budget will then go on software. Anti-virus and anti-spam software takes top priority here with back up and recovery coming second.

So according to this survey at least, the trend will continue for the same old client compute platforms for the foreseeable future anyway. And there doesn’t seem to be any let up in the amount SME’s will be spending on their IT equipment and staff.