Solar Panels and the Feed-In Tariff – what does it mean to you?

An Advertising Feature

Even though solar power is getting more and more popular and generating more column inches than ever before, there are still many misconceptions surrounding it.

The biggest misconception is that it is expensive and that your installation is not worth it financially. This is untrue and here is why.

In April 2010 the UK government introduced a series of incentives to get more people using a renewable energy resource. They aim to get 15% of energy consumption from renewable energy by 2020 and have therefore tried to make it worth people’s while financially.

What does the Feed-In Tariff cover?

Basically, if you have an eligible installation you can make money from your solar PV as a result of these three benefits:

Cash for every KW of electricity you make – even if you use all of it.
Cash for every KW of electricity you put back into the Grid.
Massive savings on your utility bills.

Who is eligible?

Good question. As long as you own the building and the solar panels, have an installation that meets the criteria and can generate up to four kilowatts (this would power a very large building!) you should be eligible. However, always check before buying your solar PV system!

Who pays for it?

Another very good question. Well you’ll be pleased to know that the payments do not come to you via the already overburdened British taxpayer. They are all paid for by the energy suppliers. However, a point to note is that these energy suppliers do pass the costs of this onto their customers. So doesn’t this make getting PV panels even more of a vital thing?!

Is this likely to change?

Well the government are reviewing the scheme and expect to have this completed by the end of 2011, with any changes to take place in 2012. The best advice is to make the most of this generous deal now while you can!

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