Small business needs to understand IT to move forward

By increasing their understanding of different internet technologies small business can boost substantially their turnover, including selling more online goods for parcel delivery. Site director of internet users for, Phil Kingsland claimed that enterprise owners who read into the subject and explore the different avenues within can make significant gains.

He sited his own company’s research that showed 2.5% of turnover in small businesses comes from online sources a proportion hugely dwarfed by big companies that have over 18%. There is a great amount of scope for small businesses to raise the proportion of their turnover coming from the internet.

His comments follow recent research of the Interactive Media in Retail Group and Capgemini that showed the value of the ecommerce market in the UK has increased from £0.8 billion in 2000 to over £59 billion in 2010 with the forecast to be £70 billion in 2011.