Small business morale is slowly getting better

Whilst the current outlook for small businesses is generally favourable, there is still little to no chance that these businesses will be hiring new staff in the foreseeable future. This information is courtesy of the Federation of Small Businesses who also stated that many of these businesses are still reeling from the recent recession and having to lay off staff at the end of 2010.

The FSB has highlighted those areas which rely a lot on the public sector as areas of key concern. This includes Wales and Northern Ireland. The Chairman of the FSB, John Walker has highlighted recent job losses as something to be concerned about. This is especially due to the continued rise in the employment of the youth and of females.

Walker continued by highlighting the fact that small business needs help from the government if they are to increase their ability to employ. Whilst the morale of small business is starting to rise after the devastating occurrences at the end of 2010, this is being hampered by recent decisions and challenges that have put further pressure on them. This is putting severe pressure on the prospects of a strong recovery in 2011.