Sick leave review

A new report which was commissioned by the government has suggested new ways for employers to deal with employees who are absent due to sickness. It is expected that the government want to reform the system so it is easier to get rid of staff who have been off sick for a long time.

This review by the government has been long-awaited and it is designed to tackle the culture in Britain that skipping work and feigning sickness is acceptable. The suggestions have been put together by business leaders and health experts who’ve done intensive research. It is expected that the reform would also help get people back to work after a long period of being sick.

Many businesses see this as a very positive step in an economy that is struggling. Getting people back to work quickly after a sickness is shown to be beneficial for the economy. Employers have reported becoming increasingly frustrated because they cannot know the nature of the person sickness, as long as they have a note from their GP the employer has no right to ask them why they are off work.

Many employers suggest that if they were able to learn the nature of the sickness they would be able to help. At a recent conference on employer suggested that if the pain was back related that the person might try working from home, or come in on significantly reduced hours.

One of the proposals suggests that the power to sign people off sick be taken from GPs and given to a specialist panel, it is hoped this would give sick notes more credibility. The report also made the argument that if someone is off on long-term sickness then a one-time cash payment to dismiss the employee should be something employers can legally consider.