Second government delay in renewable energy investment put climate targets further out of reach

The government have recently put off investments in renewable energy for the second time, which is further putting the government at risk of not being able to meet the climate targets that it is obliged to by European law.

The government was set to announce last Tuesday how much they were going to be supporting renewable energy products from early next year. The plan was for the information to be released before Parliament breaks for the summer.

However a spokesperson in the Department of energy has recently stated, “We are not going to be making the announcement as scheduled. However, we are bringing the proposals forward in the near future and we are currently in discussions to work out the final details of next year’s plan.”

Subsidy levels were originally announced last year and it was estimated that they would be finalised in the spring. However, a delay in the spring meant that they were going to be delayed in their announcement until Tuesday, however, the government have further delayed it until after the summer recess of Parliament.

It is well-known that if Britain wants to meet its energy consumption targets for energy from renewable sources that it is going to have to make heavy investment in the sector. The amount of change that needs to take place in order to meet binding obligations from Europe is significant and a six percent increase is going to need to be seen in the next eight years.

The government of reset their announcement date until the end of September stating, “The subsidy levels have been difficult to finalise but we are planning to make the announcement as soon as we can. We do understand how important it is for this decision to be made, but we want to make sure that we get it right and not announce too early.”