Scotch whisky records bumper sales overseas

Even though the domestic sales of Scotch whisky only increased by 1%, its market overseas has beaten its 2012 record of £4.3 billion in the year 2012 as extensive marketing reaped rewards in the end result.

The market of this alcoholic drink has seen an increase of up to 87% in the last 10 years. As of the present time, the market of Scotch whisky overseas is now reported to be equivalent to 80% of the total value of Scotland’s drink and food exports and equivalent to a quarter of the United Kingdom’s.

The market overseas for Scotch whisky has been enhanced with the help and assistance from the burgeoning markets of China, Russia, and Taiwan. Furthermore, the United States has started patronising the product and is considered as the major buyer accounting for £758 million on trade-ins and imports.

According to the Chief Executive of the Scotch Whisky Association, Mr. Gavin Hewitt, “The market of Scotch whisky overseas has flourished with the aid of triumphant business conciliation, increasing demand from prime marketplaces, more importantly the U.S as well as the ever-mounting and emergent middle-income group in budding nations.”

France is still known as the largest market by quantity, despite a plunge of 25 percent in the year 2012, who bought approximately 153.9 million average 700ml Scotch whisky bottles. China, even though it is considered as a comparatively undersized consumer accounting for 22.9 million bottles, has increased the markets of Scotch by 8% in the year 2012.

The volume of sales in China far outweighs that Taiwan, little wonder when you consider the population count. As such, the Scotch Whisky Association’s Chief Executive Mr. Gavin Hewitt stated that the escalation and development of the Scotch industry was expected to carry on and persist in the years ahead.