SAZ sees houmous market as a rapidly growing one

After their soft launch in Selfridges, Saz have announced that they will be offering their new brand of houmous to all their trade customers.

This move is to capitalise on the growing popularity that houmous is enjoying in the UK, and they are seeking to establish themselves in a brand leader in a market that is worth an estimate £60m.

Following their launch at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair, Saz’s products are now available in both Selfridges and smaller top quality independent stores. The Saz range, that typically sells for £1.99, features four different varieties, each of which carry their signature topped format, red pepper, hot chilli hariza, piri piri chickpeas and their classical original blend.

The Saz recipe was developed with the simple mission of becoming the best tasting houmous in the UK and required over two years of new product development working in conjunction with Michelin trained executive chef Daniel Roston. Nutritional therapist Penny Lipitch was also involved on a consultancy basis to ensure the final recipe was both nutritionally balanced and the best quality on the market.

Toby Walzer, Founder and Managing Director of Saz Foods, says: “Saz Foods came to fruition from a personal dissatisfaction with the quality of the houmous available in the UK, and the belief that there definitely could be something better.

Houmous is a very simple product, it only has six ingredients – but of the individual ingredients, their quality and the way in which they are treated in the production process is all vitally important. We went about trying the best fresh houmous from around the world – from world renowned restaurants in the Middle East to the USA, as well as trying every single different houmous we could find on the shelves. We then worked hard to create a recipe that we thought was the best of the best. We tried over 120 formulations before we reached a recipe that consistently ranked the best.

He continues: “In the UK there is a conspicuous absence of a strong houmous brand, which has meant that without any direction, the houmous market has suffered at the hands of stereotypes and misconceptions. There is a general lack of awareness of its versatility, potential usage occasions, and how good premium houmous really can be.

With Saz we plan to champion houmous and lead the market forwards. We hope our product will serve to educate people that houmous can be for everyone – enjoyed by students, mothers, babies, pensioners, men and women alike. Houmous is far more than just a party food or buffet item.”

All Saz products are 100% natural and made with the finest quality ingredients. It has the highest chickpea content of any houmous product currently available in the UK and also uses Lebanese tehina and Greek virgin olive oil. It is handmade using traditional techniques and the packaging is all fully recyclable.

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