Sainsbury’s to take on 20,000 new staff

Sainsbury’s stands prepared to generate an additional 20,000 positions within three years, due to growth. It is the third largest supermarket chain in Britain next to Asda and Tesco based on annual sales.

By November Sainsbury will build one and a half million more square feet of shopping space as part of the supermarket’s 2011-2012 fiscal year. That figure is a quarter million higher than previously. Sainsbury promises to further its growth in the coming years as well.

They have about 150,000 employees, currently and are extending their products into non-grocery areas, such as homewares, clothing and even convenience shops.

The fourth largest grocery chain, Wm Morrison Supermarkets, announced Monday there would be an additional 6,000 positions in its company in accordance with its already released announcements.

Nielsen, the market research company, reported last Friday that this holiday season Britain’s grocers experienced better than usual sales, in spite of the bad weather that interfered with transportation, the blame for some drops in sales. However, Sainsbury was the leader of the pack this season.