Sainsbury bring 500 new jobs to the North East

Sainsbury’s will be creating nearly five hundred new jobs in the North East with the opening of three new stores and also an expansion. Chief executive, Justin King, claims that retail is the future for the area, taking the place of the North East’s industrial past.

Sainsbury’s in Darlington is the store that is due for expansion in August and a hundred jobs will be available there. A convenience store will be opening in Durham, in June, and that will create twenty more jobs. Then next year two hundred and fifty jobs will be created when a big store opens in Sunderland and another hundred jobs for a new store in Sedgefield, County Durham.

Justin King worked his way up the ladder from being a graduate entry with Mars. He says that the same opportunities are available with Sainsbury’s. He said that the old ‘jobs for life,’ in industries such as mining and shipbuilding, were no longer available but that retail can be a rewarding and fulfilling career.

He said that Sainsbury’s employ a hundred and fifty thousand staff and that five thousand of those have worked for the company for over twenty-five years. He added that a third of the managers had started with Sainsbury’s at the age of eighteen. He went on to talk about the prejudices people have about working in a supermarket.

Mr. King said that people would not be able to do their shopping without the services of ‘shelf-stackers’, and yet people sometimes spoke about them in derogatory terms which is wrong. Sainsbury’s are actively increasing its presence in the North East. It is the third biggest supermarket chain after Tesco and Asda but is now concentrating on convenience stores, rather than the big superstores, opening one or two every week.