Rising costs leave employees with inadequate private health plans

Due to the cost of private health insurances rising by an average of 12% a year, employees in the UK are increasingly suffering from reduced benefits due to their employers being left with little choice but to revise the coverage they offer their staff.

Outdated PMI, Private Medical Insurance, structures from the providers combined with decisions regarding treatment purchases are making these plans less affordable than ever for employers seeking to give their staff good quality private health plans.

To try and address the constant escalation of costs associated with private health schemes in the workplace, the largest group ever in the UK of leading consultants from both the NHS and the private sector are launching a new and radical approach which they hope will reform the existing corporate medical plans.

For the first time, Alliance Surgical Corporate Health Limited ‘s plan for employees will be offering large employers a direct partnership with the highest quality medical expertise available from an actual provider of healthcare – the first real direct competition to leading private health insurers.

By dealing directly with a medical organisation rather than a traditional PMI provider, the plan enables companies to make significant cost savings, without the need to reduce their employees’ benefits.

Under this innovative scheme, doctors will be directly managing the patient treatment costs and not an insurance company. By triaging every patient with a clinical consultant, the plan ensures that each case is handled with the most clinically appropriate treatment.

Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Alliance Surgical Director of Operations, Bruce Braithwaite, explains:  “Consultants in the UK are responsible for spending approximately 80 per cent of the budget that companies pay for employee healthcare benefits.  By directly connecting companies to their healthcare provider, doctors now have the ability to significantly reduce costs by avoiding expensive over-treatment and unnecessary tests – all of which means increased benefits for employees.”

This method of case-management of every single claim on a clinical and cost basis means that corporate health spend will be more efficiently managed and employees will have better health coverage than any PMI provider in the UK can deliver.

Greg Clarke, Chief Executive of Alliance Surgical Corporate Health, explains: “Increasingly, employers or their healthcare advisers are calling for medical plan providers to be more innovative and curtail steep increases in plan costs. At a time when employees are struggling to maintain medical plans and control rising claims costs, we know that the introduction of this new approach to providing employees with comprehensive yet affordable medical plans will be well received across the UK.”

Alliance Surgical is offering private employee medical plans for schemes of more than 500 staff.  For more information about Alliance Surgical Corporate Health Limited, visit www.alliancesurgical.co.uk or contact 0121 423 8619.