Retirement to be pushed back

The Government was accused by many of making people work until they no longer can, after plans were rumored to increase the average pension age. Secretary Ian Duncan Smith of Work and Pensions stated that the default retirement age of 65 may be scrapped according a new proposal.

General Secretary of the Rail Maritime and Transport union, Bob Crow, stated that the latest attack from the Government is aimed at making people work until they drop.

Smith announced today that rich bankers are able to retire early and live a life of luxury, but the rest of the general population continues to have to push well past the age of retirement in order to meet daily expenses.  For this reason, Smith announced this week that it will become illegal for companies to force employees to retire once they reach age 65.

The move is just one component of a new set of pension reforms that will require companies to place employees into a pension scheme automatically.  Ministers are also looking at rising the retirement age up to 70 down the road.

Many unions reacted negatively stating the Government is making its decision based on class bias.

However, Smith claims the moves have been made to protect employees from mandatory dismissal at age 65 since many people are now living longer than in the past and want to continue to work.  As a response, he stated now is the time for the Government to protect their interest.