Randstad offers people real fulfilment from their jobs

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With UK unemployment hovering at around two and a half million, it may be hard to believe that anyone would want to give up almost any kind of job. And it is a fact that many people are just simply staying at their present place of employment because of the cheque at the end of the month and no other reason.

But there are also a large group of people who are looking for something more from their career than a way to pay the mortgage.
These people are searching for real fulfilment from a position rather than it being just a means to a financial end.

Perhaps their job does not fill them with any kind of passion, or maybe they want what they do for eight hours a day to actually mean something. Across the country thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people are searching for a job that offers them the opportunity to expand their minds and their experiences.

Some people even risk resigning from a job because they just can’t take it any more. And in reality as our jobs take up such a large percentage of our lives we really should consider just how much we get back in return that cannot be measured financially.

The people at Randstad also believe that people really should get up in the morning enthusiastic about going to their work. They feel that if people do not love their jobs then they are wasting away precious days of their lives. They consider that they are advocates for their job candidates and that they deserve to find a position that offers not only a decent salary but also genuine fulfilment.

As a way of showing us what they can achieve in terms of satisfaction for the people they place with employers they came up with “How I became…” Which is a series of interesting short videos, in which ordinary people tell their story and describe how they moved from a mundane working existence into a new career that really excites them and gets them up in the morning.

Take a look at the video and you’ll see that perhaps it is possible that your working life could change as well.