Philips team up with Richard Florida to launch their Livable Cities initiative

Richard Florida who is best known for his forward thinking on many aspects of urban regeneration, he is also written many well-respected books on many aspects of living in cities, such as his bestselling recent book Who’s Your City?

Now he has teamed up with the Philips Company in order to offer three grants to people who come up with creative ideas aimed at improving our great metropolitan areas. This new venture is called the Philips Livable Cities Award, and will consist of a total grant of €125,000, which will be divided between the three most interesting concepts aimed at improving the liveability of our cities.

Professor Florida and Philips are looking for people who have new concepts that will translate into achievable ideas for improving the health and well-being of people living in cities. He believes that the more variation we can bring to our cities the more enjoyable and pleasant they will become for their inhabitants.

But he also realises that the ordinary people who actually live in the cities may have many ideas that will improve the day-to-day living off city-dwellers, perhaps with simple and easily achievable small changes that may impact many tens of thousands of lives, this is why he, and Philips, want to hear your ideas.

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