On the brink takes us to the edge

The economic crisis has plenty of people wishing they could curl up every morning with their heads under the pillows and just ignore the prospect of another day.  What is unique is that this time around the recession is affecting every level of education and skill-set, but what cannot be ignored is the fact that those without formal job skills are being hurt the most as the unemployment rate continues to skyrocket and they find that they have nowhere to turn for work and in some cases even for shelter or other basics as a result.

For this reason it can feel like some days you are on the brink, which is what is excellently captured in a new series of online adverts from the European Social Fund.  Recorded much like the end of a natural disaster film, the video clip shows a woman running with a large group of fellow city dwellers through the streets in an attempt to escape the unknown that is behind them.  Although viewers are never told exactly what everyone is running from, the crumbling buildings, gray scenery, music, and the earth opening up at the end all make it pretty clear that something pretty bad is on their tale.

The advert stops abruptly with the simple message, is this the end?  Most viewers are going to find it hard to resist the instruction to press click here at this point to find out; which is good because by doing so you get to see a bit rosier outcome for this woman who was on the brink of certain death a minute ago.  The final message of the advert, with a little help and training even the most desperate person can make a life for themselves which is where the European Social Fund comes into play.