New online tax calculator aimed at helping taxpayers what they are paying

As part of the government’s drive to towards more openness and accountability, the government has made available a new online calculator. The application allows taxpayers to determine how much tax they pay and what it gets spent on.

A freely downloadable app, it works with iPads, IPhones and any Android based mobile phone; it is also accessible from the HMRC website. The application is consistent with the government’s goal of improving its communication with taxpayers using modern and innovative technology.

The online calculator comes in response to research which reports that over 50% of taxpayers are unaware how much they pay towards national insurance and income tax over any given year.

The research, commissioned by the government found that while over two thirds of people checked their bank statements and transaction less then 30% checked to make sure their tax payments were correct or to find out how much they were paying. The research is part of an ongoing program to find out what taxpayers thought about the administration’s openness and their own access to information.

The Treasury Department’s view was that people had a right to know how their taxes were spent and how much they paid. Minister David Gauke insists that the new calculator is an important step towards a more modern and transparent system where taxpayers could check to make sure they were paying the right amount of tax and to find out where the money was spent.