Nationwide the latest to suffer problems that leave customers out of pocket

Nationwide Building Society has admitted that they have had some problems with their payments this week after it was reported that over 700,000 customers were left in debt at the end of the day after a computer error caused payments to be taken out of their bank accounts twice. For some customers this left them out of pocket by a few thousand pounds.

The problems occurred last week with payments being made as scheduled on Tuesday, but then mistakenly completed again come Wednesday. Making it even worse was the fact that NatWest’s online service froze,causing 11.5m to be locked out of their accounts.

50,000 people were considered to be severely affected by the Nationwide error, meaning that they either found themselves with an overdraft and facing penalties, had their cards rejected when they attempted to use them, or were rejected at ATM’s when they went to take out cash.

Nationwide stated that the incident was the result of human error and that they would correct it the next day and refund their money, but those who missed a payment because of the incident will have to contact their credit agency to clear up the mark against them.

Many customers took to the internet to vent their anger at the banking giant with Steve Jones complaining that his account was debuted over a thousand pounds twice in a row leaving him with an overdraft for the first time in his life.

The timing of the Nationwide error was notable given the fact that the company had just boasted that it received almost two times as much new customers after the RBS IT meltdown. Turns out that after all was said and done they were not much better than RBS with many experts stating they handled their customers the exact same way.