Murdoch group still shaking from PR earthquake

The bid for BSkyB may have been dropped by the Murdoch group. And The News of the World has also closed for good. The police have also arrested eight with more in their crosshairs. An inquiry that was led by a judge into relationships and behaviour amongst the politicians, media and the police make all have been staged. But one thing is for sure, there is more to follow.

The decisions to be made are; will News Corp hold onto its papers, executives and links to the Murdoch family. Ofcom needs to decide whether what they already have is enough to investigate News Corp as a proper and fit owner and if decided they are not their existing BSkyB stake of 39% could be in jeopardy.

A decision must be made by the government whether it needs to change the laws of competition in order to re-determine who can own and what they can own in media as well as change how the fit and proper test applies in order to cover both individuals and organizations.

All this and over 2,000 people still have to be informed by police that they possibly could have been hacking victims and of which each one if they want could start their own legal proceeding or at least speak to the media.

All this of course with the enemies of Robert Murdoch close at hand ready to strike and David Cameron has gone through a scare and the dangers for him will not be over anytime soon. Questions about Andy Coulson’s appointment remain and his relationship with the family Murdoch and their underlings mean his life will not be comfortable for long term.