Mum and dad taxi service

For years there have been fun badges that attach to the inside of the car windows via suction cups that proclaim ‘Dad’s Taxi’, ‘Wallet Emptiers on Board’ etc etc. The fact is that parents spend more time ferrying their kids around than they actually realise, and a recent survey by an international company aiming to raise their profile in the UK confirms exactly this.

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According to Allianz, 87% of the trips parents make with their kids is for school runs and chauffeuring them back and forwards to after school activities. All this, including waiting time, adds up to over 5 hours a week. This may not sound a lot but it’s not to be sniffed at and many parents feel that in a perfect world there are better things they could do with those 5 hours.

To back their campaign of getting a foothold in the UK insurance market they have released a brilliant video to highlight the hassle that so many parents go through to get their kids to school on time in the morning. We first see parents trying valiantly to get their charges actually into the car and there is the general flurry of lunch boxes, PE bags and those children who simply don’t want to get in the car in the first place.

We then see all the cars on a race track to emphasise the race to school with the finishing line representing reaching school on time. There is the usual argy bargy, kids shouting out of windows at the opposition and the guy who asks his son if he has his lunch box. Of course the kid says yes then we see it on the roof of the car. All told, this is a humorous way of getting a serious message across and should help Allianz greatly in making an impression on the UK market.

The ad is pure genius and takes a humorous, but empathetic, look at the stress and strain associated with that every day occurrence which parents have named as their number one gripe; the school run. Set on a race track instead of urban streets, we see all manner of parents and their kids trying all ways to cross the finishing line first, metaphorically speaking this is the equivalent of getting to school on time.

Lunch boxes, PE bags, kids who simply don’t want to get into the car in the first place, we see them all here as well as the tactics that these parents at least employ to cross the line first. Allianz has recently run a survey that reveals the family taxi is very much alive and kicking and that the school run, as well as ferrying around the kids to various extra curricular activities amounts to 87% of the journeys parents make with their kids in the back.

It was also revealed that on average parents spend 5 hours a week chauffeuring their children around, including waiting time when they get there too early for their kids finishing school or an activity afterwards. If Allianz make the headway in the overcrowded UK insurance market they are certainly on the right track with this advert.