Mixed news at the Iveco conference

Revealed at Iveco’s conference last week was the disappointing news that their four and three-axle vehicle construction sales had fallen by between 24-35 %. On the other hand, their tractor sales are at a 47% increase.

Iveco are in seventh place due to their tractor statistics, following behind Scania, Renault Trucks, Mercedes, Volvo, DAF, and MAN. The other OEM that saw growth was Scania. Unfortunately the declines were seen from MAN, Renualt Trucks, and Volvo. In the market for tractors, Luca Sra is forecasting Iveco’s further growth, with 2013 the prized Stralis Hi-Way shall see an upwards motion in production at Euro 5 initially, and at Euro 6 in May for 6×2 tractors. “The 2013 Year Truck is the Stralis,” stated Sra, “The ownership cost is down because of the efficient fuel, as fuel is 40% of the cost of average operators. The same is happening at Euro 6, using Stralis as a great growth platform.

Iveco also showed a position of strength of their market of trucks with mid-weight. There was a growth of 6% in 7.5 tonners, putting them behind DAF in slot two. Iveco is number three behind MAN and DAF with its 10 – 12 two-axle tonne rigids, making that a 32% up, and their 18 tonners at a 25% up.

As Iveco predicted, does this show that the 16, 12, and 10 tonners are trending away from the 7.5, as the rationale being reduced costs and improved flexibility. As Iveco sees its tractors as much of their action for 2013, Nappo sees the market sale declines as reflecting the Euro 6 run up and the fleet replacement as a measured approach in Iveco’s industry.

Making this happen and improving Iveco this year requires two things: for service standards they must meet the expectations of the operators, and to take these products and make the customers familiar, as with Trakker and Stralis, since they are considered unveiled.