Metrics not Myths digital marketing with Adobe

Abode are currently running a huge campaign revolving around something you simply cannot ignore in this day and age; digital marketing. The problem is that what we see as the finished product has little bearing on the madness that goes on behind the scene. Marketing is currently going down a path that nobody wants or needs, and the Metrics not Myths campaign aims to address this and get it back where it should be; beneficial for all.

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Call it what you like but the big problem is the corporations and the garbage that they are filtering into to the digital marketing field. Adobe are the ideal company to head this campaign as they are right there as giants in the field, and as well as producing the flash players we all have on our PC’s, laptops and mobile devices, they are the parent company of COM have their own massive online presence as they are the people who deliver the latest news and trends that exist in digital marketing.

Metrics not Myths aims to cut through all the rubbish cluttering up the market and getting back to basics where digital marketing is concerned and using the latest technology to provide a platform for the marketing companies to deliver what both they and the consumer want. A series of videos have been released to get the message across of what the campaign is all about, as well as illustrating the corporate BS that currently exists.

One has a marketing executive visiting a tarot card reader and asks if she can tell him if  his marketing plan is working. The palm reader says yes, he looks flustered and asks if yes it is working or yes she can tell him. She draws a card and tells him that it is working, he then asks is she can be specific and she tells him some parts are working and some aren’t. This demonstrates how unsure he is and is turning to a two bit fortune teller for advice, and it is this insecurity that Metrics not myths aims to eradicate.