McDonald's big expansion in Northern Ireland

McDonald’s are undergoing a recruitment drive in Northern Ireland and it is expected that they are going to employ 50 extra staff during the year. It was also announced that the company will be creating over 2000 new jobs in the United Kingdom and it is estimated that most of these positions are going to go to people who are under 25 years old.

The company also estimates that around one in every three of these people are going to be working for the first time. In Northern Ireland, there are currently over 25 McDonald’s fast food restaurants which employ nearly 2000 people. It is estimated that in the last three years there have been over 13,000 extra jobs created in the UK because of the expansion of McDonald’s, and their total UK workforce is now around 90,000 people.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has commented about the news, “This restaurant has a reputation for investment in this country and they provide wonderful opportunities, apprenticeships, and training for all of their staff. I am delighted by the announcement that they will be bringing more jobs to the UK.”

The Northern Ireland director of franchising is Joanne Jones and she commented, “The job market for young people is particularly poor right now and it is great news that more jobs are going to be brought to Northern Ireland by McDonald’s.”

In the last five years McDonald’s has been responsible for awarding a great deal of qualifications, from basic English and maths skills all the way through to foundation degrees.

The company has said that they want to increase the amount of qualifications they are offering during 2012 and it encourages its employees to work while studying. Ms Jones continued, “McDonald’s have an exceptional education programme and in the last five years we have worked very hard at building on this.”