M&B chairman doesn’t last six months

Appointed in February this year as M&B chairman, Simon Burke is already stepping down. Bob Ivell,former chairman at Regent Inns, will replace him on the interim. Mr. Burke’s sudden departure still remains unexplained, but circulating about are rumours he felt limited as to the amount of input of his own strategy within the group.

Billionaire investor Joe Lewis has a 23% stake of M&B and many believe is he cause of or behind recent board changes in the group. Also along with the latest changes Rob Robson Mr. Lewis’s representative of Piedmont investment was named deputy chairman. Since January 2010 he has been on the M&B as a non-executive director. Stepping down will be another non-executive director, Michael Balfour.

All these changes come without M&B even having a chief executive as Adam Fowle resigned in March. Speculation that an appointment was close will be tempered with these most recent changes.

Jeremy Blood replaced Mr. Fowle on an interim basis the former Scottish &Newcastle head of UK operations and any longer of a hiatus will probably prove that he will eventually take the role on fulltime. The departures of Mr. Fowle and Mr. Burke have followed that of John Lovering as chairman February of this year and Simon Laffin ad Chairman January 2010.