Mary Portas gets government backing to fix the High street

An independent review to look into the future of high street in the UK will be overseen by Mary Portas, TV retail guru. Primer Minister David Cameron has commissioned the review to identify government, businesses and local authorities can do in order to promote development of more diverse and prosperous high streets.

Portas will address, as part of her review, the problems of the need to adopt new types of business models for the modern shopper, vacant shops, the needed increase in independent retailers and the prevention of the proliferation of clone towns.

She will visit retail engagement events throughout England, town centres and she will present the review by autumn 2011 to the primer minister, his deputy prime minister and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

She says that because of many factors including vacancy rates that have doubled in the past two years it is necessary to take action to save the high streets. She wants ideas from shoppers, local authorities and businesses as to how to stop the decline and how to create new town centres to be proud of.

The Primer Minister said that the heart of the community should be high street, a way to bring together people and provide essential services and help create jobs and investment therefore it is vital all is done to ensure their future.