Mark & Spencer’s under attack over tax

Activists attacked certain Mark & Spencer’s branches claiming that a handful of the high street retailers do not pay the appropriate amount of taxes.
The protestors targeted two M&S stores forcing one of them to close their doors for safety reasons. The protestors also targeted 55 other high street stores with protestors claiming that 25 should have to close immediately.
Business leaders were worried about the protestors branching out and stated that they were misrepresenting the proper business role and that businesses simply are not paying tax in the proper way.
JK Cut organized the protests using Facebook and Twitter to coordinate efforts on a national level.
The Oxford Street, London Marks & Spencer’s was forced to close for about half an hour and in addition branches of Vodafone, Topshop, and HSBC were forced to close their doors for a period of time. Also on Oxford Street, Topshop security staff had to remove protestors.
Throughout the protests at Topshop protestors chanted out slogans against the owner, Sir Philip Green, who paid a large dividend to his wife totalling £1.2m to Monaco where his wife lives.
In the past UK Uncut has targets BHS, Topshop, and Dorothy Perkins all of which are part of the monopoly Arcadia Group.
Earlier this month the same Topshop had to close their store on Oxford for an hour as a result of the protests.
The protesters also focused on Vodafone which they claim were involved in a tax dispute with the government but were able to pay £6b less than they actually owed which took the leaders of the protest by surprise.