Man arrested on suspicion of arson following fire at crisp factory

A fire at a crisp factory recently took place in the Abertillery area, and a man has been suspected of arson after the fire. The management of the crisp company have stated that one of their factories was destroyed by a fire, in the area of south Wales, and the workers in the area can no longer work there, but they are going to be able to work at other sites across the UK.

The fire meant that 50 firefighters had to be called in order to put out the blaze, which occurred at three o’clock in the morning on Thursday. There were over 100 people employed at the site, and it is believed that none of them are going to be able to return to work in the area anytime soon.

The factory is owned by the Tayto Group which is one of the largest snack manufacturers in the UK, and the Chief Executive of the company, Paul Allen has recently stated, “This is terrible news for us that the factory has burned down, and it is going to take us some time to get everything together after this fire. We have obviously lost a lot of stock, and we need to bring our supply back up to standard so that are customers remain satisfied.

However, it is very important that our staff realise that they are our main priority, and we are going to be working out how to maintain their employment in the near future.” A spokesperson from the local police has stated that they do believe that the fire was deliberately created, and was not an accident.