Maltby colliery looks set for closure

Maltby Colliery, one of the largest mines in the UK, may be closed soon, because it no longer meets the required safety, health, financial and geological requirements. Currently, 540 of the workers there have received redundancy notices. However, the board as taken a final decision, but it is expected that this will happen after the board meets the staff’s union.

Hargreaves Services released a statement saying that the site will be closed down due to the recent reports which show that the geological problems have not been resolved. The statement included the following lines: “The workers at Maltby Colliery are still at risk of redundancy due to the board’s decision to mothball the mine. If the final decision closes the mine, then the company will do its best to find alternative employment for the mine’s staff.”

Spokesmen of the company said that the board did its best to explore other mining options for Maltby Colliery, but the results weren’t encouraging. The board decided to give the staff and union, an opportunity to present their ideas regarding the site’s usage. The National Union of Mineworkers released a statement following the redundancy notices, assuring workers that they’ll do their best to keep Maltby open.