Make it happen – Inspiring Futures

Just about everyone has goals, just about everyone has dreams, and just about everyone has problems is a concept that it is hard to disagree with.  It is also the premise of a new advert from The Telegraph that is part of their Inspiring Futures series.  The new advert features Pete Cohen as he discusses these factors and explains to viewers how they can take control of their futures and just ‘make it happen’ if they want to overcome the problems and get a point where they actually obtain their goals and dreams.

Cohen kicks off his two minute inspiring video by discussing the fact that it is easier to stay in one place because there is security in keeping everything the same as it has always been.  He expounds on this thought by stating that it is easier to stay within the cove of safety and takes very little work to change what has always been.  However, he notes that for some people this is not enough and it is not a very enriched life as there is very little room for happiness in a life that never changes or moves forward.

Instead, he encourages viewers to reach a little farther with the intent of making sure that their dreams happen by sharing them with friends and family members who can help them reach forward towards the things that they want.

According to Cohen everyone has problems, but it is the way that people choose to face their problems that makes them stand out from the crowd and also makes them really prove who they are.  The end result of taking one’s own life into your own hands is a future that you can live with and something you can be proud of which will make every day a little easier to get through.