Make it Big. Turn your ideas into big achievements with HP

For all young boys their first electric racetrack is far more than a piece of figure 8 plastic with a couple of small cars flying around at a scale speed of 700 miles an hour. To a young mind this is the ultimate in Formula One escapism.

For young minds there are no limits, for young minds there are no barriers and no limitations, this simple piece of plastic on a bedroom floor is a huge racetrack worthy of Jenson Button, and provides the ultimate thrill for any would be F1 gladiator.

And that is how HP wants you to see their powerful computing products; they want passionate entrepreneurs to take these wild and seemingly impractical dreams and move them forward to become reality.

HP has the tools to assist any budding Richard Branson to realise their dreams through the use of their highly specialized ‘built for business’ products, solutions and services, which are carefully designed to participate in the growth of your business and to help you achieve more of these entrepreneurial desires.

The concepts, design and end-products from HP are tailor-made to make your Scalextric become Silverstone, and to enable you to reach your entrepreneurial goals, without the restraints have conventional computing technology and design.