Lottery Commission says no to Camelot offering other services

The National Lottery Commission turned down an application placed by Camelot, which offers the sweepstake to install commercial services into its lottery terminals network.

The Commission stated that it refused to the grant consent for the new application due to the fact that it has to follow the rules of the EU/competition law which the application raises some concern over.

However, the commission did state that the decision to refuse the application was provisional at this point and a final ruling would be made on September 3rd.

Camelot wanted to offer calling cards, mobile top up cards, and electronic fund transfers and similar services at each of its terminals.  The company stated that the decision to refuse the application was flowed and was felt confident that their proposals were not in any type of breach of EU law.

In a statement, Camelot said that they are convinced that their plans, which were carefully analyzed and detailed with full legal advice, do not breach any laws and the company should be allowed to offer their commercial services using the National Lottery retailers.