London to open major new airport .. within a year

London will have a new major airport before the Olympics after EasyJet the budget airline starts operating from a new airport at Southend next year from April. EasyJet likes Southend’s close proximity to London, only about 50 minutes by train to Liverpool Street and flights will start in the a few months prior to the Olympic Games beginning.

To help increase passenger traffic the airway will open a new railway station with eight trains an hour to Stratford the site of the games. Less the traffic nightmare by arriving via train will be very appealing to many visitors and compared to the other airports the journey time will most likely be less to Southend. Immigration and security checks should also go quicker due to it being a smaller airport.

EasyJet’s Catherine Lynn the customer and revenue director said they expect to fly more passengers into London next summer than all the other airlines. The low cost airline will have three aircraft and over 70 flights per week transporting about 800,000 passengers in the first year alone to and from other European destinations like Ibiza and Barcelona.

The airline signed a 10 year contract with the Stobart Group the airport’s owners since 2008 and will start with 150 staff. This expansion eastward may be surprising by some as it has seen its losses double this past year because of aviation taxes and rising fuel prices.

The tough economy has also caused fewer business travellers but they continue to be in expansion mode as they try to get a bigger share of the European market. They also increased their fleet in both Edinburgh and Manchester earlier in the year.